Thursday, September 29, 2011

Modern Family "Phil on Wire"

"Modern Family" continues to show us why they dominate the Emmy's, in another fantastic episode.  Some thoughts about tonights episode after the break... but first let me start my Jew fast.. i mean Juice Fast!

After the first two episodes of the new season featured all three of the families coming together, "Phil on Wire", took a step away from that, having each family on their own, giving us some of the most memorable scenes in the shows short history.

We got Luke on a sugar bender, Phil walking tight ropes, Gloria, on all four (easy now), chewing Jay's shoes, and of course Cam and Mitchell's juice fast ending with them in tears, hugging in the ocean, in front of a dumbfounded crowd of coworkers gawking from above (I nearly pissed my pants!).

Overall a fantastic episode!  If you'd like a further analysis of "Phil on Wire", check out my friend Chris Pavone over at "Have U Heard" for his take -

So what did everyone else think? What were your favorite scenes?

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