Thursday, October 13, 2011

Modern Family - "Hit and Run"

"Modern Family" is spreading its wings and soaring high with "Hit and Run".  Some thoughts about last night's episode coming at you after the break... but first let me admit I get turned on by powerful women like Michelle Obama, Oprah, Condaleezza Rice, Serena Williams... wait a minute.

"Modern Family" is experiencing its largest ratings ever this season.  The season premier took in over fourteen million viewers and continues to hold close to that number through 4 weeks.  Looks like people are picking up on the Emmy hype and as I've said before, "Modern Family" deserves it.

"Hit and Run" offered us another episode featuring all the families coming together.  This is typically my favorite format for a "Modern Family" episode and this one delivered.  We got Phil acting as a stay at home dad while Claire got herself involved in running for town council (running against David Cross - don't know how long he'll be sticking around but I hope it's for a while) which led to Luke getting punched in the face and  Alex getting drugged with drowsy allergy meds.  I think Ty Burrell was channeling his inner Lucille Ball during the scene where Phil is trying to cover up his mess. Classic!

Along with the Phil mess, there was Jay trying to "wow" his young customer (played by the always funny Samm Levine from "Freaks and Geeks") with an original presentation which ultimately led to Gloria's breasts having to be the big (and I mean big!) "wow".  Finally, there was the Cam and Mitchel storyline.  Is it me, or are these two becoming better and better each week?  I could sit and watch an entire show based solely on their bickering.  This week, it was over Cam being too hot headed towards the man in the theater and then the guy that rear-ended them (was the pun intended here?).  Mitchel also portrayed some great physical comedy while tackling Peter, the guy who had Haley's money ("Community" fans will recognize Peter as Todd from last week's episode) and checking out his shoes while doing so ("these are cute, I totally have these").

Again, what an all around great episode.  If you'd like a further analysis check out what my friend Chris Pavone had to say over at "Have U Heard?". 

What did everyone else think?  What were some of your favorite lines from this weeks episode?

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